5* Family-friendly campsite in Loire Valley
5* Family-friendly campsite in Loire Valley

Customer Service - Questions and Answers

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See answers to frequently asked questions. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

General informations

What are the opening dates of the campsite ?

The campsite is open from May 3th to September 1st 2019.

Is it possible to come to the campsite Les Alicourts Resort for the day?

No, access to Resort and activities are strictly reserved for live in guests. We don't offer entry for the day.

I don't have a reservation for a stay, can I go and enjoy the Spa Balnéo?

Yes, you can come and enjoy our space, by reserving your access and your care in advance on our website www.spadesalicourts.com.

Access is restricted to adults only.

Means of payment accepted in the campsite:

Credit card Visa or Mastercard, Cash.

The reservation

How to make my reservation?

Reservations for a camping pitch or accommodation are only made on our website.

I can not book accommodation?

There may be no availability for this period.

The selected days of arrival and departure may not correspond to the selected accommodation:

In low season (May and June) the days of arrival and departure are free.

In high season (July and August), each type of accommodation has precise arrival and departure days.

To know the possible arrival days, see the description of the accommodation.

Check the length of your stay

In low season: 2 to 4 nights minimum depending on the period.

In high season: 7 nights minimum

Treehouse stay: 1 night minimum

I can not book a campsite?

There may be no more availability for this period

In low and high season: Arrival and departure days are free

Check the length of your stay

In low season: 2 nights minimum

In high season: 7 nights minimum

I wish to arrive today, until what time can I book?

You want to arrive this afternoon, think to make your reservation online before 11am the same morning.

I wish to book several accommodations at the same time.

It is not possible to book 2 or more rooms in a single booking.

To book multiple accommodations, it is necessary to make 1 booking per accommodation.

Attention: if you want to be side by side, think to select the option "preferential request" and to specify us in comment your wish.

Payment of the stay

Do I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit of 30% of the amount of the stay is required upon booking

When do I have to pay the balance of my stay?

The balance of your stay must be paid at least 30 days before your arrival directly on our website, as specified in the GTC.

It is not possible to pay the balance on arrival. 

Modification / Cancellation

I want to change my type of accommodation / location / my date of stay after validation of my reservation.

Contact us by email: info@lesalicourts.com

Modification fees will apply according to the general conditions of sale.

It is not possible to postpone a stay to the next season.

May I cancel my reservation ?

Please contact the booking service by email.

I am - 30 days from my arrival: The deposit and the balance of your stay remain acquired at the campsite. No refunds will be able to take place.

I am more than 30 days before my arrival: The deposit remains acquired at the campsite. No refunds will occur.

Do you offer cancellation insurance?

Yes, we suggest you subscribe to Axelliance cancellation insurance at the time of your online booking. This one will allow you in case of accidents or unforeseen to be refunded of your deposit or balance of your stay according to the conditions specific to Axelliance. To know precisely the conditions of repayment: see The general conditions of Axelliance.

Can I add cancellation insurance to my stay after making my reservation?

No, once the reservation is made and accepted, it is no longer possible to add the cancellation insurance.

The options

Preferential demand?

The preferential request is an option to choose from your online reservation, which allows you to specify:

A specific hosting number or location

To be next to your friends / family

Do not forget to specify your request in the comment section of the reservation.

Without comment from you, we reserve the right to cancel the preferential request.

The preferential demand is in no way valid to guarantee you, sunshine, shade or even calm.

Cancellation insurance

We propose you to subscribe to a cancellation insurance

To find out more: http://www.lesalicourts.com/public/Assurance_Annulation_Axelliance_EN.pdf

Flexible Hours

It's Baby who decides! You travel with baby, so we make your stay easier:

The day of your arrival, get your keys from 10am.

The day of your departure, bring us the key until 6pm.

Meal, Nap ?! Everything is solved!

Option valid only in low season (From 3rd May until 22nd June).

The cleaning fee

You do not want to do your housework, we offer the option of cleaning end of stay, the price varies depending on the type of accommodation from 80 to 190 euros.

You can choose this option when booking online, or at the reception desk until 48 hours before your departure.

You only have to:

Deposit your garbage cans in the sorting areas provided for this purpose.

The dishes must be clean and tidy and the dishwasher drained

The refrigerator must be defrosted.

Sheets and towels should be collected on the living room table.

What is the Premium option?

Arrival possible 1h earlier and possible departure 1h later, a personalized welcome, beds made upon arrival, a cleaning kit, a barbecue, a Senseo coffee machine, wifi access for a device, the end-of-stay cleaning.

Extra car

Only one vehicle is included and allowed to park on your site. Be sure to choose this option in case of second vehicle. The second vehicle will have the possibility of parking on the indoor or outdoor parking.

Accommodations / Locations

Days of arrival and departure in accommodation

In low season (May and June) arrival days are free.

In high season (July and August) the arrival and departure days are specific depending on the type of accommodation.

Days of arrival and departure at the campsite

In low and high season, the days of arrival and departure are free.

Are the accommodations heated?

No, some accommodations do not have heating such as: Explorer Lodge, Lux Tent, Treehouses.

All other rentals have electric heaters and / or model reversible air conditioning.

Is there a bathroom in the tree houses?

No, there is no bathroom in the cabin.

A common sanitary is at your disposal 500 m from your cabin.

Are there toilets in the tree houses?

Yes, there is a dry toilet.

We put at your disposal a sanitary common with toilets 500 m from your cabin.

Is there a kitchen in the tree houses?

No, there is no kitchen in the cabins because there is no water or electricity.

You will find to restore you on the spot, our restaurant "Le Petit Jardin" and our takeaway service.

What does Baby Friendly mean?

A Baby Friendly accommodation is ideal if you are traveling with an infant. Indeed, you will find in the house all the necessary equipment for baby: cot with mattress, baby bath, changing mat and high chair.

Does a baby count in the number of people allowed in the accommodation?

Yes, even a 1 year old baby is considered a person in the number of participants.

What does the term Pet Friendly mean?

A Pet Friendly accommodation indicates that pets are allowed.

One animal included, the second is to be paid extra. Dogs must be on a leash and must not be left unattended. Their vaccination cards must be kept up to date and presented to the reception on the day of your arrival.

1st and 2nd category dogs are prohibited.

Is there a TV in my accommodation?

TV is only included in some rooms.

Can we install a tent for our children near our accommodation?

No, it is strictly forbidden to install a tent, even small, next to your accommodation.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are allowed only in the Pet Friendly Cottage and Off-Lake Camping Sites.

Dogs must be on a leash, updated in their vaccinations (the book must be presented to the reception upon registration) and respect the authorized access areas. Dogs of 1st and 2nd categories are forbidden.

Is the wifi free?

No, WiFi access is not free (access for one device at a time).

Can I receive visitors during my stay?

Yes, it is imperative to inform us by email or directly at the reception. Visitors will pay for their on-site access at the reception. Visitors have access to the site from 10am to 19pm.

Is the water area heated?

The indoor pool and paddling pool are heated.

Are swim shorts allowed at the pool?

Yes, swim shorts are allowed at the pool as well as at the lake.

Senso Balneo Spa

Is access to the spa included in the price of my stay?

No, access to the spa is extra. Remember to book your access when you book online.

Are swim shorts allowed at Spa Balnéo?

No, wearing swim shorts is strictly forbidden in the Spa Balneo Center. Only bathing or boxer briefs.

Do children have access to the spa?

No, the Balnéo Spa area is exclusively for adults and children over 16 accompanied by their parent.

I wish to offer a good gift, how to do?

You can buy gift vouchers of € 20 or € 50 on the website:



What are the free activities in the campsite?

Access to the grounds: petanque, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong


Mini Club

The Fishing

Fitness room (from 16 years old accompanied by a parent)

Bi-cross track

Roller skateboard and park

Baby Paradise: Playroom exclusively reserved for children under 4 years under the supervision and responsibility of their parents.

Can I rent bikes?

It is possible to rent bicycles (baby bikes, child bikes, mountain bikes, BMX) by contacting the bike storage next to the shop.


My child is 3 and a half, can he go to the kids' club?

No, the mini-club is accessible to children from 4 years old.

For children under 4, we provide a playroom "Baby Paradise" under the supervision of parents.

The Mini Club

The Mini Club is free and accessible to children from 4 to 12 years old.

No reservation needed. Introduce yourself at the opening of the mini-club to register your child.

My children are 17 years and a half can they stay alone in the campsite?

No, minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal representatives.


Where are the nearest Supermarkets?

Lamotte Beuvron (15 km): Intermarché and Carrefour Market

Salbris (15km): Super U and Carrefour Market 

Where are the nearest SNCF train stations?

Salbris : 15 km
Lamotte Beuvron : 15 km

Where are the nearest banks?

Brinon sur Sauldre : 5 km
Salbris : 15 km
Lamotte Beuvron : 15 km

Période d’ouverture
3 mai 2019 au 1 septembre 2019