5* Family-friendly campsite in Loire Valley
5* Family-friendly campsite in Loire Valley

Local products


A.O.C Cheverny


The A.O.C Cheverny produces white, red and rosé, light and fruity expressing the authenticity of Sologne territory sought for their friendliness and softness in perfect harmony with our time, soft and warm wine.


The wine growers of Cheverny


The Saumur Champigny

The Saumur Champigny is distinguished by its delicate colour with ruby and raspberry shades symbol of their tender youth. It offers the puch flavours of red fruit accents and is suitable for both meat and fish dishes.


The vineyards of Anjou and Saumur

The Chinon Les Granges

The Chinon Les Granges is a red wine featuring a sustained ruby of a cherry reflection with a raspeberry and violet berries perfume. It goes perfectly with red meats like beef and game.


Les Granges - Vigneron Bernard Baudry


The Chocolate factory Max Vauché

The Chocolate factory Vauché in Bracieux invites you to discover the chocolate world. In a workshop you will learn about the several stages of the transformation, from the cocoa bean to the chocolate thanks to a documentary film. Then you will see the chocolates take shape and you will be able to taste them in the shop.

Max Vauché - Chocolate factory

L’atelier Saint Michel

Since 1905, the family-run Biscuiterie L’atelier Saint Michel de Contres invites you to learn about the manufacturing process of his biscuits in his screening room and workshop. The delicious biscuits are guaranteed free of colouring, preservatives, palm oil and other fats.

Visit l'Atelier St Michel

La biscuiterie de Chambord

The Biscuiterie de Chambord was founded over 30 years ago and his biscuits are still made in a traditional way using high quality products. The house specialty is the famous "palet Solognot", a biscuit with raisins dipped in rum. The Biscuiterie is located at the Chambord castle which makes it an ideal place for a unique authentic taste.

Biscuiterie de Chambord

Le Sablé de Nançay

In 1953 the Sablé de Nançay a shortbread biscuit was created after an error in following a recipe by Jacques Fleurier. His mother decided to sell it to the customers. It was a success. Today the biscuits are still made in a traditional way.

Les sablés de Nançay


The Selles-sur-Cher

The Selles-sur-Cher manufactured since 1887 with whole goat milk. its territory extends to the Loir et Cher, Indre and Cher. The Selle-sur-Cher is recognised by its soft white and his ashen natural rind to the charcoal powder.

The Chavignol

The Chavignol, classified AOC since 1976, is a cheese made from raw goat milk.

It is made for everyone since there are half-dry, very dry or bluish. It is in the form os a curved cylinder.

The Sainte-Maure de Touraine

The Sainte-Maure de Touraine is a cheese made from whole milk and it is raw. It is characterized by its shape ans appearence of the bluish grey crust log. It is crossed by a rye straw containing the name of the cheese and its manufacturers authentucation number.


The Tarte Tatin

The Tarte Tatin originates from Lamotte-Beuvron in Sologne. A little background, "Stéphanie and Caroline, the Tatin sisters there they ran a restaurant, which still exists under the name of Hotel-restaurant Tatin, frenquented by many hunters. Sunday opening of hunting, while preparing an apple pie for the hunters meal, Stéphanie, dazed, stuffed it upside down and used it as such, pulp and apple upside down, without even realizing it. The hunters enjoyed it, and has so it became the tart Tatin."

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